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About the Book

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Summer Vacation Begins

Chapter 2
Mary Rose Meets a Gnome

Chapter 3
A Gift of Gold

Chapter 4
Fairy Azalea Introduces Herself

Chapter 5
Mary Rose Talks to the Animals

Chapter 6
A Fairy Dance

Chapter 7
A Private Tea 

Chapter 8
A Hidden Door

Chapter 9
Gnomes, Gnomes Everywhere

Chapter 10
Straley Gets Serious

Chapter 11
Mischievous Fairies Stir Up a Storm

Chapter 12
Hallelujah! The Great Storm is Over

Chapter 13
Into the Woods

Chapter 14
A Plea for Help

Chapter 15
King Winter Arrives

Chapter 16
Zarah Returns

Chapter 17
A Midnight Visitor

Chapter 18
An Important Book

Chapter 19
Thanks Giving 

Chapter 20
A Phantom Voice

Chapter 21
Surprises and More Surprises

When I was a child, my mother always referred to the emerald green moss growing under the apple tree in the backyard as fairy grass. From that time on, whenever I see a patch of delicate moss, fairies come to mind. I have passed this idea down to my own children and grandchildren.

Lois Hartman, a Master Waldorf teacher with 30 years experience, agreed to be my mentor for my first year of teaching. She suggested that I tell a story to the children at daily snack time. My inspiration came from the painting Midsummer Eve* by Edward Robert Hughes. Each night before falling asleep I would write a new chapter, thinking that it was coming more from the cosmos than from me. The next morning the children, wide-eyed, eagerly awaited the next installment.

Sources on the subject of Elementals included Nature Spirits, Remembrance by Susan Raven, Fairy World and Workers, by Marjorie Spock, and lectures by Rudolf Steiner. I tried to be true to the attributes of the Wee Folk.

For more information about Waldorf education:
Wikipedia on Waldorf

Mary Rose and the Enchanted Forest began as a simple story for children, but with every rewrite it evolved into what it is today, surprising even me. I am hopeful that this parable of sorts will reawaken our connection with nature and encourage us to become better stewards to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. This book is for the young and for the young at heart. King Tasher told Mary Rose that her journey had just begun. What will the fairies whisper in my ear for the next book? I hope that you are as curious as I am.

*Midsummer Eve