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5 Stars
October 4, 2017
Julie Parker

A delightful book for both children and adults about a young girl exploring the world of the Elementals: gnomes (extremely clever spirits that work in the earth who take care of the root system for plants and trees); salamanders (fire fairies, spirits of flame who gather up warmth and carry it into the blossoms and reign over processes of heat); sylphs (fairies, spirits of light and air who bring light to the plants and messages of wisdom); undines (water sprites, spirits that enliven the water, fluids from leaves to rivers, rain, and mist, etc.). The Elementals of Mary Rose’s Enchanted Forest welcome her into their world, and through Mary Rose, her family and close friends. What an adventure!

The difference between this book and your garden variety ‘fairy tale’ is that Ms. Centers celebrates these creatures as living, breathing, very REAL parts of this world! (Perhaps YOU have been blessed by contact with this world!) Those already resonating with Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf schools will especially enjoy this book.

In Mary Rose and the Enchanted Forest, Ms. Centers has inspired us to more deeply celebrate the Earth and all those who work together to honor and care for her – and to learn to work in partnership with them. Buy one for everyone from your children to your grandma!

5 Stars
young Mary Rose has wonderful adventures engaging with what is unseen and unheard …
December 15, 2017
Karen Young

I found this book to be an important reminder to all of us, of all ages, that our world is intricately connected and our choices matter to the whole. The story is engaging and vibrant, young Mary Rose has wonderful adventures engaging with what is unseen and unheard to most of us, most of the time. The truth is, the unseen can be seen, the unheard can be heard, and the music of the universe is available to all of us in special moments of grace. Nature needs us and we need nature. Thank you, Anne for reminding us!

5 Stars
Mereya Johnson

This book was so fun to read! The characters come alive so you feel like you’re right there with them, and the descriptive writing lets your imagination run wild! I can’t wait for the next book to see what happens to Mary Rose and her new friends!

5 Stars
Oct 14, 2017
Amy C. Roberts

Great book for kids and adults alike. I got sucked right in to the story and can’t wait to read it to my nieces.

5 Stars
November 4, 2017
Sharron St John

A delightful, very touching story. I devoured this book in two sittings. I found it to be so enchanting and so enticing that I simply could not put it down. When I went to sleep shortly after reading the first half, I had delightful dreams, so delightful that I did not even want to get up the next morning to interrupt them. I am not, by nature, a fairy tale person but this book could lead me to become one!


5 Stars
November 7, 2017
Becky Dougall

This is a special book! the themes of being connected and the importance of taking care of Mother Earth have never been more relevant. I feel giving children access to good literature is an investment for their adult life, similar to providing healthy food.

I was also delighted to find a 150 page chapter book that did not require quick editing on my part as I read it to my two young girls. Even with favored authors and century-old children’s books I have found off-putting language from time to time. The content in this book is appropriate for children of all ages. I know now what my go to kid’s birthday gift will be!


5 Stars
November 12, 2017
G.W. Freemanon

I recently enjoyed a new addition to this literary tradition  I didn’t discover the magical worlds of Hobbits, the Yellow Brick Road, Narnia, Pooh Bear, or Harry Potter until I was all grown up. But even as an adult my life has been enriched by these worlds. I recently enjoyed a new addition to this literary tradition, A.R. Centers’ Mary Rose and the Enchanted Forest, filled with gnomes and fairies and other delightful creatures. Children of all ages will fall in love with Mary Rose and her new friends. And this Enchanted Forest will help any of us who enter it feel fresh inspiration to appreciate and care for the very real (magical and mysterious) natural world we are utterly dependent on.  


5 Stars
Amazon Customer
November 15, 2017

Our 7 year old boy is obsessed with Mary Rose and the Enchanted Forest! So hoping this is going to be a series. He has read the book countless times and we feel so  blessed to have Mary Rose in our home. 🙂


5 Stars
We have all enjoyed this very much and are currently on our second …
By Paula Betancuron
November 30, 2017
Verified Purchase

What an enchanting and captivating story this is! Both my daughters, 8 and 4 could not wait for bedtime to be able to hear this story. Usually, sticking to one chapter a night with other books, with this one it was nearly impossible for the 3 of us to stop reading! We have all enjoyed this very much and are currently on our second time around. Magical!