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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Summer Vacation Begins

Chapter 2
Mary Rose Meets a Gnome

Chapter 3
A Gift of Gold

Chapter 4
Fairy Azalea Introduces Herself

Chapter 5
Mary Rose Talks to the Animals

Chapter 6
A Fairy Dance

Chapter 7
A Private Tea 

Chapter 8
A Hidden Door

Chapter 9
Gnomes, Gnomes Everywhere

Chapter 10
Straley Gets Serious

Chapter 11
Mischievous Fairies Stir Up a Storm

Chapter 12
Hallelujah! The Great Storm is Over

Chapter 13
Into the Woods

Chapter 14
A Plea for Help

Chapter 15
King Winter Arrives

Chapter 16
Zarah Returns

Chapter 17
A Midnight Visitor

Chapter 18
An Important Book

Chapter 19
Thanks Giving 

Chapter 20
A Phantom Voice

Chapter 21
Surprises and More Surprises